Prime Golf

Prime Golf

Marketing and Communication


Prime Golf specialises in the delivery of custom built marketing plans specific to each of its golf facilities. We are driven to increase revenue through effective brand development and an understanding of the needs and wants of our target customer base.

The promotion of your golf course development via major media outlets and publications, branded collateral, web-site promotion and data base marketing will ensure that our target consumers are receiving just the right mix of exposure to further enhance their awareness in your golf course.


We utilise feedback from our employees and customers alike to create an environment that builds lasting loyalty and ultimately a healthy bottom line.

All of our employees have the opportunity to meet ‘one on one’ with their supervisors on a regular basis and a confidential annual Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) allows Prime Golf to examine our own performance with our most critical asset, our people. We believe in communicating with our employees and understanding what drives them, this level of understanding is the key to driving your business further.