Prime Golf is committed to three highly achievable and integrated goals:

Prime Golf

  • Provide the optimum return on investment on all aspects of the golfing industry.
  • Insist on the continuing strive towards the highest quality, professionally managed and superior golfing product at all times.
  • Excel in human resource management, promoting the growth, training and development of all industry staff.

Company Overview

Prime Golf has been created to become one of the premier golf course management companies in the world. As the worldwide golf industry continues to boast a host of new courses and a growing golf tourism market, Prime Golf provides you with the opportunity to forge relationships with our key partners providing unprecedented economies of scale in the golfing industry.

As the Prime Golf network grows each course will reap the benefits of these key partner relationships and integrated management system unique to the Australian golf industry.
Players will also benefit with numerous incentives to play within the network.

Building bottom line profit of a golf course requires a full understanding of all the income streams and outgoing expenses and how to balance them effectively through best practice techniques.

Prime Golf The Prime Golf philosophy is a people first approach. This approach extends to how we promote membership, attract players, handle their playing experience and manage follow up. It also embraces our approach to staff training philosophies and recruitment as a golfers experience extends from the meet and greet to the post game analysis over a cold refreshment.